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Participate by writing about the importance of data for social good (one article per month will be selected and posted in our blog)


Dare to

Create a motivational marketing video about how data can transform the social sector (One video per month will be selected and posted to our blog)


We initiate the conversation with data scientists and leaders to advocate for data storytelling to advance the social good.


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where you can gain knowledge from the experts about how to Accelerate the social impact of your organization mission by data

Are you a talented computer engineer or a marketing specialist interested in promoting the wellbeing of the society by helping NGO/social enterprises humanize the data and make data driven decisions? Are you a social innovator curious about data impact to advance social good? Or Are you a talented data scientist who is looking for an opportunity to use your expertise for the good of the humanity? Or maybe you are NGO/Social enterprise looking for ways to utilize data and transform to the next level, Submit your story hear


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